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Things To Keep In Mind During Summer For Skin And Hair Care

With just a few weeks left, summer is almost around the corner. Think about all the good things that come with the sun – beautiful picnics, flowing sundresses, and days by the beach (or pool, whatever works for you!). It is time for you to be prepared to make some small changes in your skin […]

Tips to control hair loss and hair fall

The first thing that might have come to your mind after reading the header for this blog is a little confusing. “Hold on, hair fall and hair loss is not the same thing?” Contrary to what has been engraved in our mind by the media or our research (we’re hinting at Dr Google); hair loss and hair […]

How to improve hair growth in a humid climate?

How to improve hair growth in a humid climate? Hair growth is one of the most significant factors affecting India’s beauty standard as hair has always been the beauty icon.  It is proven that hair growth is stopped after a certain age, but hair growth in young adults also decreases due to external factors like […]

Healthy habits for healthy hair

You wake up with a happy face this morning, you get ready. But then you notice it’s the day which you fear the most i.e. a bad hair day. It is found out that 74% of women find bad hair days to decrease their level of confidence.  To make every day a good hair day […]