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Strengthening Serum

Strengthening Serum contains microcirculation boosting blend of internationally acclaimed natural extracts which protects & strengthens hair follicle & improves hair health.

It helps add lustre and volume to your hair making it look thicker, longer and stronger with its regular use.

Know More

  • Strengthens damaged hair and protect against hair breakage
  • Beneficial action on the surface micro-circulation
  • Activates blood flow & improves capillary permeability
  • Reduces inflammatory and allergic reactions
  • Improves telogen – anagen transition

Microcirculation enhancers

  • A combination of antioxidants, hair growth boosters & vasodilator to help enhance blood circulation throughout the scalp, strengthen hair follicles & accelerates hair growth
  • A natural dermal microcirculation booster for scalp

Laminaria Digitata

  • Stimulates blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins
  • The natural extract boosts production of keratinocytes in the scalp

Ivy leaf extract

  • Boosts oxygen levels in the scalp
  • An excellent moisturizer to keep scalp hydrated & also possesses antimicrobial properties


  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp, promotes healthy hair follicles & hair growth
  • Effectively reduce hair loss by blocking DHT & stimulates growth

Natural Soothing extract

  • Strong soothing agent as well as alleviates skin irritation
  • Beneficial effects on stress caused by UV light
  • Significantly helps improve the success of telogen – anagen transition to cure hair loss
  • Do a patch test prior to application
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Rinse eyes with plenty of water in case of contact

Direction of use

Apaisant icon 4

Take optimum amount of serum

Apaisant icon 6

Apply it on scalp 1-hour prior hair wash

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Massage well till it absorbs


Advantages of Hair Serum


International, COSMOS Approved & ECO Certified Ingredients

Silicon Free


Cruelty Free


Sulfate & Paraben Free

Frequently Asked Questions

No, these serums are clinically tested so does not have any side effects


Yes, this serum contains internationally acclaimed & clinically tested growth boosting natural extracts to reduce hair fall & promotes hair growth


It varies from individual to individual. However, the time frame will be 30 – 45 days


Yes, it is a specially formulated serum to ensure its suitability to all types of hair & textures


To ensure good results apply optimum amount everyday


No, it will not make hair oily or greasy


Yes, it is suitable for all hair types

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