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Skinnovation Next takes inspiration from its parent company, trust & value innovation are our core strengths & equity. We believe & strive to provide world-class products for individual skin & hair needs.

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Peltos Detan
Sleep Mask
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Nusaude Fish Oil Softgels
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Apaisant Strengthening Hair Serum
Body Milk

Detan Sleep Mask

  • UVA rays are the major factors responsible for accelerated ageing & skin tan.
  • Peltos Detan Sleep Mask is a thoughtfully curated formulation with 3 international patented actives to prevent the premature skin ageing & also even the skin tone.
  • The efficacious formula reduces the appearance of age spots & provides intense moisturization.
  • The tan removal property is attributed to effective desquamation & smart melanin modulation.
  • While evening the skin tone, Detan Sleep Mask also repairs the skin’s protective barrier.

Strengthening Serum

  • Microcirculation boosting blend of Internationally acclaimed natural extracts which enhances blood flow to the scalp, protects & strengthens hair follicles. & improves hair health.
  • Strengthens damaged hair and protects against hair breakage.
  • Improves telogen – anagen transition.
  • It helps add luster and volume to the hair making it look thicker, longer, and stronger with its regular use.

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