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A powerful hair growth supplement formulated to stimulate hair growth & combat hair loss. A comprehensive hair supplement that provides follicular fertilizer for hair growth. Formulated with the most scientifically beneficial collaborative ingredients essential for hair growth & improves overall condition of hair

Nusaude Hair

It is a powerful hair supplement formulated to stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss. It is formulated with scientifically beneficial ingredients essential for hair growth and improves the overall condition of hair.

Nusaude Light

An advanced nutritional supplement with right blend of pure ingredients for depigmentation, skin lightening & age defying effects. The genesis of Nusaude Light stems from the concept of “Beauty From Within”. 

Nusaude Veg Omega 3

Nusaude Veg Omega 3 capsules is the holistic approach for skin & hair health, loaded with 200 mg of pure DHA sourced from algal oil. A boon for the vegetarians.

Nusaude Fish Oil Softgels

Nusaude fish oil is extracted from smaller varieties like Anchovies as they are categorized as fatty fish due to their high Omega 3 fatty acids content, in particular EPA & DHA which are most crucial ones.

Concerns Addressed By Nusaude Hair

Concerns That Nusaude Hair Resolves

* Hair loss
* Hair thinning
* Under nourished & damaged hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Nusaude hair is recommended to be taken once a daily after a major meal
It is recommended to take one capsule daily for 3 months to see visible results

Nusaude Hair is a nutraceutical product providing a 360-degree Nutri Protect concept for hair growth. It can only be recommended under the guidance of doctor.

Nusaude hair is formulated carefully with natural origin actives and is known to be safe and no known contraindications were noted with Nusaude hair.

Yes, It is suitable for all hair types.

Yes. All ingredients are safe & no side effects were reported. 
Nusaude hair is fortified with a swiss ingredient ANAGAIN NU. It helps in re-balancing the hair growth cycle by initiating a new anagen phase and shortening the telogen phase.

Nutritional Hair Care Product

Nutritional Hair Care Product

Nutritional Hair Care Product

Nutritional Hair Care Product

Concerns Addressed By Nusaude Light

Concerns That Nusaude Light Resolves

* Hyperpigmentation

* Dark spots

* Melasma

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes 3 months to see visible effects

Glutathione is an Antioxidant consisting of 3 amino acids- cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is synthesised by the body and also found in the diet. The levels of Glutathione deplete naturally owing to ageing, UV radiation & pollution. Decrease in Glutathione levels leads to hyperpigmentation, melasma & ageing.

Glutathione is safe to use as it is derived from natural sources and stable.

Yes, these are nutritional supplements and continued use will be beneficial for long term.

Nusaude Light is a powerful blend melanin inhibitors & intracellular Glutathione boasters, powerful antioxidants & essential vitamins for skin brightening.

Nusaude Light has proven benefits for Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, UV induced skin damage and photo ageing 

It is best to seek your physician’s advice before consuming Nusaude Light with other prescribed medications

The recommended age for Nusaude light is 18 years