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Pecefino Lip Balm

Providing hydration is a must in order to maintain youthful look of skin, hair & even of our lips. Irrespective of the gender it’s a fact that lips are exposed to cold temperatures, dry air & hot sun -that’s a lot to endure! Our lips have a lot to take up throughout life, with too much exposure & not enough care can make them vulnerable to be dry, chapped & peeled.

Pecefino Lip balm is an enriching formulation to nourish & soothe the dry & chapped lips makes them plump & youthful.

It offers you goodness of Vitamin E (Tocotrienol) a powerful antioxidant which tightens & nourishes the lips & Avocado butter to enhance collagen production, provide vitamins like A & D & keeps hydration locked in. Ensures moisturization throughout the day.


  • Maintains lip’s natural moisture balance
  • Provides environmental & microbial protection
  • Nourishes lips and seals in moisture
  • For smooth and natural looking lips
  • Revitalises lip cells and strengthens its natural defensive barrier
  • Boosts blood circulation, generates new skin cells & makes lips softer
  • Restores hydration to keep lips soft and supple
Avocado Butter
  • High trans-epidermal penetration to provide extra hydration through multiple layers
  • Abundant in protective antioxidants, avocado oil contains Vitamins A, D, and E
  • Keeps hydration locked in
  • Lubricates, softens and reduces TEWL1
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties helps prevent and relieve infections
  • Helps protect lips from becoming dry or chapped
  • Helps to improve wound healing
  • Do a patch test prior to application
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water 

Direction of use


Apply optimum


For best results apply twice a day

Frequently Asked Questions

It will last for more than 8 hrs.


Yes, it is suitable for all skin types


We are not claiming as non comedogenic, but one of the major advantages of Tocotrienol is that it reduces pore size & sebum which will ultimately lead to reduction in chances of clogged pores/acne

It will take 30 – 45 days


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Concerns That Pecefino Lip Balm Resolves

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