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Nusaude Hair

70% of the men and women around the globe are highly sensitive to the vicious hair problems that correspond to several other emotional and psychological desolation that hits hard on their overall certitude and self-esteem. In our quest to provide nutrition for health with optimum efficacy and effectiveness, Nusaude Hair was born. “Nu symbolizes Nutrition & Saude means Health”

“Nusaude hair” provides 360° nutraceutical solutions derived from unique, high-quality actives that work on the concept of “beauty from within”


Know More

  • Comprehensive hair supplement to combat hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth at the dermal papilla
  • Restores natural hair growth cycle
  • Nourishes & maintains healthy & lustrous hair

Natural Extracts:

AnagainTM : Organic pea sprout extract- Patented swiss quality ingredient. Restores the natural hair growth cycle. Shortens the telogen:anagen phase

Pumpkin Seed Extract + β Sitosterol: Acts as dual DHT blockers

Nettle Leaf Extract: known to have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties

Brewer’s Yeast:  Improves the quality of newly grown hair

Rosemary Extract: Stimulates hair follicles & makes them stronger

Soya Isoflavones: Preserves the integrity of existing hair

Flax seed: Nourishes scalp, hair strands & promotes hair re-growth

Vitamin Complex:

Stimulates Keratin & Collagen production

AMINO ACIDS (L-Cysteine, L-Arginine, L-Methionine, L-Lysine):
Provides rigidity and elasticity to hair. Enhances microcirculation in the dermal papilla cells

MINERAL COMPLEX (Inositol, Glucosamine HCl, M.S.M., Fe, Zn, Cu):
Reduces premature greying and reverses hair thinning

What Is Different About Nusaude Hair ?

Safe- Free from gelatin & other additives-1

A 360° nutri protect approach to combat hair loss & promote hair growth

Thin coating- ensures faster disintegration in the body

Enriched with swiss quality patented, tried & tested ingredient – Anagain Nu, organic pea sprout extract

Small size of the capsule ensures palatability

Precise concentration of natural extracts, minerals, amino acids & vitamins as per the dietary recommendations 

Liquid filling- Faster absorption & accelerated action

Follicular fertilizer which works at the root to restore the hair growth cycle

Not only promotes hair growth but also nourishes & strengthens the hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Nusaude hair is recommended to be taken once  daily after a heavy meal

It is recommended to take one capsule daily for 3 months to see visible results



Nusaude Hair is a nutraceutical product providing a 360-degree Nutri Protect concept for hair growth. It can only be recommended under the guidance of doctor.


Nusaude hair is formulated carefully with natural origin actives and is known to be safe and no known contraindications were noted with Nusaude hair.


Yes, It is suitable for all hair types.


Yes. All ingredients are safe & no side effects were reported. 


Nusaude hair is fortified with a swiss ingredient ANAGAIN NU. It helps in re-balancing the hair growth cycle by initiating a new anagen phase and shortening the telogen phase.